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Body art is perhaps the most liberating form of self expression, when done right. That would, perhaps, explain our inexplicable tendency to doodle little pieces of our thoughts on our body as we vainly hold a pen and daydream.

As we move into a new decade after what seems like an eon of exhausting appropriation, cancel culture and moral policing of womxn’s bodies, small leaps towards self expression seem like obvious way forward. For anyone who feels like an outcast who is compelled to “justify” their individuality, large and conspicuous tattoos can often be a source of anxiety.

While minimalist tattoos aren’t the one –stop solution to the apprehensions and taboos that surround tattoos, they are a great method of discovering and exploring your unique style and expectations from body art. Remember:

Not all tattoos have to be permanent.

Less ink doesn’t make you an amateur; more ink doesn’t make you a pro.

Your comfort within your skin always takes priority.

With these commandments in mind, let’s move to the fun part of this blog! Below are a few cute and chic minimalistic ideas to help all the amazing womxn out there find your way around your tattoo journey.


Perhaps a sweet au revoir from a dearly beloved or the passionate doctrine of dolce far niente, sometimes, even the shortest sentences are more than apt to capture the nuance of unspoken feelings and emotions. If long and berating speeches could move people, poets and their wits, wee babies and their endearing blabber would long be out of business. Your child’s first words, your first pen pal’s penname, the dream you want to manifest into reality are all significant parts of your soul that totally deserve to be reminisced upon as symbols of growth as you age. It could also be a foreign greeting from a place on your travel wishlist or the indigenous translation of your often misspelt name. Don’t overthink the decision to tattoo words that make your hearts flutter and sway, take it as a sign of destiny instead!    


While small and minimalist tattoos serve the materialist purpose of being affordable and less painful, they also have that side chic of being SNS popular collectibles. Looked at your old pretty rock collection while cleaning your room and thought “I wish I could take them with me wherever I went”? Well what if I told you that you could wear the things you love on your sleeve, literally! Obsessed with the phases of the moon? Tattoo ‘em right on your wrist. Realized later that your obsession also extends to the stars and Venus? Add them to the family whenever you want.

*sighs in undying love for pet*

Fret not, friend. While society pushes you towards a standard paw tattoo every time you take your Retriever out on a walk, unaware of your loud cockatiel waiting for you at home to kick up a storm; we, at the Ink Boy Tattoo Studio, are unprejudiced towards all our furry, scaly friends. Come visit us for consultations about an underboob tattoo of your Sphynx or an ankle tattoo of your pig’s hoof.

While things & objects provide a sharper & more vogue tattoo aesthetic, animal & plant tattoos can satiate your home-sickness or just be a wholesome inclusion to your collection.


This one’s for all our fellow hard stans out there who were glued to their screens with a magnifying glass when Jungkook from BTS first revealed his tattoo sleeve in late 2019. If you found your sense of style from a role model who influences other aspects of your life as well, it may not be a bad idea to follow their suit and get a celebrity inspired tattoo. For a dose of self love, you can get a tattoo of your pronouns like Demi Lovato’s me tattoo or embrace the loser in you like Halsey with her tattoo that reads I’m a loser baby. You can also drag your best friend along with you to commemorate your friendship or the bad decisions that you’ve made together with a BFF tattoo like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin’s broken heart tattoos.

So without further ado, visit us at the Ink Boy Tattoo Studio to learn more about how small and minimalistic tattoos can help you express yourself more freely without causing an invasion of privacy and finances. Book a consultation with our artists today and find out why we’re the best tattoo studio in Delhi.