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Saw some really amazing tattoos on Pinterest and wanted one but your parents didn’t allow? What you do not know is that there are different types of tattoos. And one of them is the type that you can get, Temporary tattoos. The are safer, less costly and well, don’t hurt! Not everyone likes the idea of getting permanent tattoos done on their body so this is a good solution for them. Here’s all you need to know about temporary tattoos.




A lot of people get tattoos in a hurry from either unexperienced artists or end up getting something they regret at a later point in their life. What they don’t know is that there is this thing called temporary tattoo that you can get, it’s like a testing period for a tattoo that you might want for lifelong. Its stays for different periods of time, some stay for a day, some a few weeks and some even stay as long as a month. For people who don’t like permanent ink on their skin, this is the best option. They can be as big or as small as you like and just like ink tattoos, you can get them done anywhere on the body. They range from black and white to full on colorful tattoos though, black and white tattoos come out the best. But that, of course, is just a personal opinion.

But there is a catch to it, they cannot be too descriptive (only in the case of air brush tattoos though).



  • You do not have to go through the pain of a needle piercing into your skin
  • There are no aftercare steps that you have to follow
  • It fades away after some time so, even if it is something you don’t like, it will go away after some time.
  • The cost lesser than permanent tattoos
  • They have the same variety that a permanent tattoo has
  • Some of them you can do by yourself at the comfort of your home



  • People with sensitive skin might develop skin allergies so make sure you double check before getting a tattoo!
  • They might wash off before the expected time




“There are different types of temporary tattoos too?” Yessir. I bet you thought there was only one or maybe two at max. But no, there are a variety of temporary tattoos. Some that you can do by yourself at home and some that you have to go get done at a tattoo studio.


  • Decal or Press on tattoos
  • Airbrush tattoos
  • Henna tattoos
  • Metallic jewelry tattoos




Let us start with the basics, what does decal mean? It is a design prepared on special paper for durable transfer on to another surface, in this case, the skin. The paper is usually coated with a transfer film to make it easier to print the tattoo onto the skin. They usually stay on for 24 hours to a week at max.




One of the most famous types of temporary tattoos is the Airbrush Tattoo style. In this type of tattoo, a stencil is usually placed on the skin and then ink is sprayed over it. The removal process of these tattoos is quite easy, all you need to do is apply baby oil or rubbing alcohol and scrub it. But they can’t be too descriptive because it gets harder for the artist to cut out the outline of the tattoo and in some cases, it doesn’t even come out well. So, if you want to get big, bold, less descriptive tattoos (like maybe numbers or letters), we suggest you go with airbrush tattoos. They usually stay on for a lesser period of time than Decal tattoos but it also depends on whether you’re getting a colored tattoo or the traditional black one since black ink seems to last longer on the skin.




Henna is a plant-based dye which is used in various ways. It has been used as a hair dye, skin dye, dye for clothes and in a lot of other areas since a very long time. When applied on the skin, it leaves a stain. It is advised to keep it on for at least three to four hours so that it leaves a darker stain on the skin. Initially it starts off as light orange color, the longer it stays, the darker brown color appears. After the stain reaches its peak, it then usually starts fading within 2-3 weeks, and earlier if they are scrubbed frequently. People in India mostly get it done around festival times or when someone is going to get married. Apart from that a lot of people are seen with mandala art on their skin done by henna art specialists. Just like ink tattoos, henna can be applied anywhere on the body. According to the Indian culture, hands and feet are the most spiritual places to get henna.




They are just a variation of Decal style temporary tattoos. They are printed using a foil stamping technique, in these types of tattoos ink is not used.  The tattoos are protected by a transparent protective film. The design that is printed is printed as a mirror image so that an inverted design is not printed.



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