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Belly piercing

Belly piercings are one of the most complex piercings. Although,all piercings require proper hygiene and after care,belly piercings require the most of it. That’s where we take place! Our studio is one of the best when it comes to piercings. Our range starts from dermal piercings and goes on to ear piercings and more. Body piercings are a form of modification for the body. With that being said,its very difficult to main piercings but,with the right tattoo artist and aftercare,its all possible. Keeping all this aside,this is our client Ishita who was very scared of getting piercings at first. She visited our studio at least twice after seeing our work and our friendly nature she decided to give our studio a chance to do her belly piercing. Which makes us very happy since she came all the way from Dwarka,New delhi. The reason why we’ve been rated so well all over Delhi on Google is because we maintain an image and we take care of our clients needs which includes all the steps from doing the piercing carefully to taking care of it afterwards. We invite our clients for a checkup on a regular bases after the piercing is done and we clean their piercings for them ourselves. Thats not the only thing we do for them though. We provide them with the best after care to avoid any kind of infection that they could pick up on. Which initially builds their trust and faith on us. A piercing is a life long investment and we make sure that whenever people leave our studio,they leave with happy faces. Whether its about the budget or studs,we make sure to keep our clients happy! When it comes to hygiene,we use surgical steel studs or piercing catheter the best needles! All the studs and needles are sterilised. Coming back to belly piercing,it may heal quickly with no problems and usually takes 6-9 months to heal with the right after care. Unlike most piercings that people get done,this is one of the few piercings that our body does not reject. Quite fascinating,isn’t it? Belly piercings are one of the most common piercings now days. A lot of people get it done because its trending so much. There are some things you should take care of while getting a belly piercing done. Such as you should always ask the piercer about how much experience they have,their sterilisation process and if they’re going to use a piercing gun or a needle. Generally,most of the piercers use different kinds of methods to kill bacterias or pathogens that are present on the equipment or the studs. You should always check the expiry date on the back of the needle and you should check if the needle is sealed packed or not. Its very important to not share needles because that increases the risks of infections. The piercer should also be very hygienic and should always wear gloves all the time they are piercing you. After your piercing is done,you should wear loose fit clothing at all times till you feel your piercing is healing. Always avoid the sun and keep your piercing covered. There will be plasma collecting on your piercing and that is very normal. You don’t have to be scared of that at all. Wash your hands with soap and get ready to clean your piercing! Use salt and water solution to clean your piercing at least 6-7 times a day since that will keep any kinds of infections away. If your body is rejecting your belly piercing or any kind of piercing then you will see some symptoms like redness,swelling,rashes etc. If you see any of these symptoms,go to your piercer and get it checked out. Since you’ll probably need to get it removed. If you follow everything that we’ve just told you,your body probably won’t reject your piercing. Stay tuned and get more piercings,guys!