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Even in times like these, when it seems like society is finally more open and accepting, you’ll still encounter individuals who are against people loving each other beyond the gender binary. For them, love is a biological occurrence that can only happen between a man and a woman. But is that all there is to love? Can only people of opposite sex fall in love with each other?

The love that Bollywood spent years revolutionizing, and MNCs spent crores capitalizing. Is it just a piece of commercial entitlement? An elitist revolution that doesn’t even begin to cover the voices of diversified gender identity and sexual orientation. A rebellion turned riot, where people from the queer community still have to face cruelty and ostracism from society for defying their “natural state”, something that isn’t even in their control. They are still frowned upon and are thought of as “freaks” or “crazy”.

The LGBTQ+ community has been fighting for its rights since a very long time. India recently touched a new milestone in 2018, when Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code decriminalized consensual same sex relations. Equality is a long way away but things did change and seemed brighter. The concept of Pride gained new supporters and allies, with a

surge of people coming out to their parents and in their work places. But if you take a closer look, when we talk about the rights and the privileges of the queer community, not a lot of things have changed. Queerness is still thought of as an eradicable disease and terrifying crimes are committed against queer individuals as a form of alleged medical treatment. What’s worse is that people who have privileges like schooling, SNS, phones etc. don’t even make the effort of educating themselves. The attitude of collective indifference to the suffering of an entire community must change if real improvement and development is to be sought. Love is love; it is beyond a scale that measures normalcy, beyond the conditioning that forces us to see things in black and white.

Ever since we started, The Ink Boy has always been an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and will always stand by them. We would like to invite the people from the community and allies, to come visit us at the studio and share their experiences and stories. Give us a chance to provide you with the best services and make sure you feel like the studio is a safe space for you to be you.