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Tattoo Shop in Delhi ,Begin your extraordinary and enriching creative experience with the best artists in the field! We’re here to help all tattoo enthusiasts as well as anyone who has interest in this field, explore their niche in the craft. Get ready to spill some ink! The Ink Boy Tattoo Academybelieves that anyone who has love & passion for art can become a tattoo artist. Invest wisely for a better quality of education, how well you’re being taught in your line of interest should always be a priority. Here’s a basic overview of the course that we provide Tattoo Shop in Delhi :


The focus is more on teaching the very basics of art and it’s forms. Why and how it is important in tattooing. Implementation of specific techniques and vigorous practice to master the basics.
  • Art and Science of Figure and Non-figure Drawings
  • Exploring texture
  • How to find shapes in drawings
  • Medium of drawing (types of pencils used)
  • Knowledge of 3D elements
  • Learning about different perspectives
  • Color Theory and the medium used (paints, acrylics etc)
  • Lights & Shadow and Gray scale
  • Identifying your art form


As much as physical paper sketching is important, having knowledge of digital art in the field of tattooing is important too. Here mainly we’ll focus on teaching you the different software you can practice digital art on. Again, vigorous practice will be expected from you. 
  • Masking and Layering
  • Pixels and Vectors
  • Digital Sketching
  • Different softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Procreate and Sketchbook for people with apple products!


Learning the art of tattooing doesn’t just mean knowing how to make tattoos, it also means being able to manage it. Whether you’re working under someone or own your own studio, through this field we aim at teaching you the basics of management of Studio as well as Social Media.
  • Business Management (How to start your own business)
  • Sales and Marketing (physical)
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation, Postings, Graphics and how to strategize
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads and Youtube Ads)
  • Google Ads and SEO
  • Team Management


Knowing the origin of tattooing, how it started and how it has evolved over the years is the basic focus. The primary focus of this field will be to teach you how to hold a machine, set a tattoo table and practice, and give you all the knowledge about tattoos and their types. After covering all the fields mentioned, you’ll be allowed to observe the artist while they’re handling clients, designing and doing tattoos. Tattoo Shop in Delhi   
  • Types of Tattoo Equipments
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology Basics (Mainly for skin and its types)
  • Hygiene & safety training
  • Preparing Tattoo stencila
  • Practice on Synthetic Skin (Tattoo Pad) : Lining, Shading and Coloring
  • Types of Tattoo Art : Minimalistic, Line work, Dot work, Black work and Color work
  • Advance Types : Portrait, Realistic and Sculpture
  • Other Types : Sleeve (Hand and Leg) and Cover up (Designing as well)


Training under expert guidance of Ankit Gupta. He has over 11 years of experience in this field.



The Ink Boy Tattoo Academy offers a course that covers everything from the scratch, like sketching to the most professional stuff, like managing a studio!



We offer EMI on tattoos as well as the Training course as well sp, budget is never going to be an issue.



We make sure to use machines that are up to date and in trend. Focus is always kept on proving out students with the best equipment and an even better experience.



You’ll always be welcome at the studio even after the compilation of your course. You’ll become a part of The Ink Boy family and will have access to all the benefits that come with it!