Ananya Saawariya

Ananya Saawariya, a 21 year old handpoke tattoo artist, born & bred in Delhi, is a part of the one and only InkBoy Tattoo & Piercing Studio & InkBoy India Academy where she has a disinctive tattoo style. She took her time to travel and learn about different styles in handpoke. Ananya being the only female handpoke tattoo artist in Delhi, has tremendous artistic talent, communication skills, creativity, attention to detail, effective communication, professionalism, patience and commitment to continuous learning. Creating abstract art, detailed line work and shadows is her niche,. She started her journey of tattooing while exploring different art forms in 2023 while being in the most remote area, overcame all obstacles & has been excelling in the tattoo business for 1 year. Our cheerful Ananya, has successfully maintained the integrity of old school tattoo design work by volunteering at a ton of festivals, making body art on people and living an imprint on people’s hearts. With a reputation for creating unique tattoo designs that delve into the depths of body work art, her work attracts and inspires those seeking an unique, imperfect but perfect and a natural piece of body art. 

Talk about pure talent and this one will blow your mind away!