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Tattoo Studio in Delhi

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  • All Kinds of tattoos are available

The decision to get tattooed is a bold statement in the fashion industry. People often spend a fortune on tattoos that justify their self-expression. Of course, the certainty of a permanent mark on your body can be a difficult choice to make, which is why there is an easy escape for the risk-averse: Temporary tattoos. But for those who love permanent ink on their body, we have every kind of tattoo that you might be looking for, from simple black and white tattoos to the most complex watercolor tattoos in our tattoo studio in delhi.

  • Open 24×7

What’s so special about The Ink Boy Tattoo Studio in Delhi you ask? It is India’s first tattoo studio in delhi to be open 24×7, . A lot of times in the past we’ve been asked if we could either do early in the morning tattoos or late at night tattoos due to working hours for some people and college/school work for some. So, after discussing a lot with the team and taking all situations into consideration, we decided to open our studio at all times of the day and throughout the week. Ever since we introduced this concept, we’ve gotten great feedback from our clients who eventually turned into family because that’s just what the studio does to you 😉 From a great environment to a disciplined work atmosphere, you’ll find everything at The Ink Boy Tattoo Studio in Delhi.

Free Consultation

There’s a list of things that are very special and unique about this studio, one of them being we provide free first consultation. Be it for normal tattoos or cover up tattoos, we don’t charge our clients for the first consultation. In this process, we let them know about the price range and the procedure of the tattoo. We help them come up with ideas but if there’s extra designing, there’s a cost you need to pay. Apart from that, we also make sure you have a one-on-one conversation with your artist before you get your tattoo so that you can get to know your artist and feel comfortable with them. We also tell you about the aftercare procedure prior to the tattoo and even after that. Our contact information is also available on all of our social media platforms so that it’s easier for clients to contact us.

  • EMI

As we all already know, it is not a very big issue to get temporary tattoos since they don’t cost much. They are pretty reliable and look great if you want them on your body for a few days to a few weeks depending on how you care for them. Its a very good value for money since they look like a permanent tattoo. There’s only 10-15% difference between them! But, on the other hand, permanent tattoos might not be easily affordable for some people since they can get very expensive because of the size or the design. So, to get rid of the pay-all-at-once factor, we, at The Ink Boy, recently introduced the concept of EMI on tattoos! It sounds crazy, right? Why would anyone want an EMI on tattoos? I’ll explain why! It makes big payments easier for people who want to get costly/big tattoos which are usually expensive and can cost somewhat around 1 to 2 Lakhs easily. But, getting an EMI on a tattoo would make it easy for everyone. We will even provide you with the liberty of choosing the amount you want to pay every month but of course, terms and conditions applied. We are taking a big step like this in hope that this brings a little ease to every tattoo lover who loves getting tattoos and in turn increasing our family one tattoo lover at a time!

  • Pet Friendly

Moreover, this year we also made sure that our studio welcomes everyone and when we say everyone, we also mean pets. On this note, we’d like to introduce to you our very special member, no wait scratch that, family member, Kiki. She’s a 5 month old Indie Dog who we adopted from a very beautiful family that lives in Dwarka. She’s the bubbliest member of the family and never fails to shower you with extra love. But as lovely as she is, she is also very naughty, has a knack to chew the closest thing to her but of course, with love. Eagerly waiting for you to meet her and she’s even more eager to make new friends!!