Hand Poke Tattoos

Welcome to The Ink Boy Tattoo & Piercing studio, where through hand poking tattooing technique, the ancient meets the contemporary in a harmonious blend of artistry and tradition. Our skilled handpoking artists such as the very talented Ananya Saawariya embarks on a journey that transcends time, creating tattoos that resonate with authenticity and deep meaning.

Handpoking is a revered method that harkens back to the roots of tattooing. Inkboy’s artists master this technique, using individual dots and lines to compose intricate designs. Each tattoo becomes a work of art, meticulously created by hand with precision and intention.

Handpoking embodies the essence of personalization. With the careful guidance of our artists, your vision comes to life on your skin, reflecting your unique story. The tactile experience of handpoking results in tattoos that carry an unparalleled connection to both the artist and the wearer. We make sure our Ink Boy Family feels the most comfortable when they’re with us and through this newly added technique in our products, we’re trying to create an unique and safe space for you and for us, every day!

Choosing a handpoked tattoo is an immersive experience. The rhythmic process invites you to appreciate the journey of creation, fostering a connection between you and the artist. The result is a tattoo that holds not just ink, but a piece of the artist’s soul and your personal narrative.

Our handpoking artists marry traditional techniques with contemporary designs, resulting in tattoos that are both timeless and relevant. Whether you’re drawn to delicate linework, intricate patterns, or bold statements, InkBoy’s artists can bring your ideas to life with the depth and nuance that only handpoking can provide.

Step into the realm of handpoked tattoos and let your skin tell a story that’s uniquely yours, by yours truly :’)