shiva tattoos

Shiva is the most powerful God of the hindu pantheon, so there are millions of people who worship lord shiva daily. Since a lot of people want a design that reflects their spiritual beliefs, people look out for shiva tattoo designs and symbols like Om and Trishul with the third eye etc. Shiva, as we all know it, is known as one of the main Gods of Hinduism. Everyone worships Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has many names, Shambu, Bholey, Shivji etc. He is also known as the God of destruction and transformation. The teachings that he has left behind are still being praised all over the world. He has a lot of movies and songs dedicated to himself since he is so great! Top artists like Bob Marley have also made some songs about Shiva. People show their devotion towards shiva in many different ways, be it songs,movies or even tattoos. That’s right, people get inked related to shiva! Shiva tattoos are the most common type of tattoos throughout India. People take a lot of pride in getting tattoos related to shiva since he’s the god of creation and destruction. There is a lot of history when it comes to Shiva tattoos. In older times, people used to go to fairs and carnivals and get “Om” tattooed to show their devotion towards Shiva. Getting a tattoo done for shiva is a bold statement that you truly believe in him and have connected to him spiritually. Although tattoos are forbidden in a lot of religions, that doesn’t stop people from showing their devotion! We, at The Ink Boy Tattoo Studio, specially make customised shiva tattoos and have a rule of always doing it at the most minimal price. In fact, all of our artists even have a Mahadev Tattoo inked on them. We truly belive that Shiva tattoos being confidence and power in one’s life. Throughout the year we put out offers on Shiva tattoos for all Mahadev lovers and for people who have served or are still serving in the Army, we do it without any cost.

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