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While the idea of getting a tattoo might begin as imprinting a cherished memory onto your body, with time, tattoos tend to become a part of your soul. So why not align the embodiment of your spirit with your stars? Zodiac Tattoos Designs in Delhi can serve a stunning aesthetic appeasement, no doubt. But, they can also act as your intimate bodily compass that will guide you through all trials and tribulations.

All of us look up to the night sky in times of distress. Perhaps we hope that the moon that followed us home every night would yet again prove to be a loyal friend, or a loved one would smile at us with a secret twinkle meant just for us. Then, maybe, we can also trust the heavens and the stars above to choose the perfect representation of our inner selves and take our first leap of faith with a odiac tattoo designs in Delhi. Here are a few suggestions on how to go about selecting or creating a tattoo that matches your astrological element:


The Solar & Lunar ascendant signs are commonly divided into 4 groups according to their classic element, namely:

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

This group contains a mixture of assertive and driven individuals with a fiery will power. These individuals are most likely to be drawn to tattoos that explicitly represent fire or its intersection with their representative symbols such as the ram or the lion or the centaur. While a blank ink tattoo will appeal to the frank and candid Aries and Leo, the more artistic Sagittarius are likely to choose a soothing yet bold water colour tattoo.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Air signs are social beings who prioritize communication in all of their relationships and have a strong sense of conceptualization. The soft and fun-loving Gemini are best suited for a cute yet wild representation of the twins. The flirtatious and chic Libra can rock both, an anime inspired tattoo or a textbook Tumblr tattoo representing balance. The subtle Aquarius are likely to get a mysterious and intriguing with a graceful dash of colour for context.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The individuals belonging to this group are deeply sensitive about their surroundings and are often capable of being genuinely empathetic to the emotions of those around them. While both Scorpio and Cancer are daydreamers and creative individuals, the moonchild tends to be minimalistic in their personal space and are likely to choose simple tattoos instead of great details while Scorpios can go to great extents for the sake of their artistic expression. For the idealistic and outgoing Pisceans a risqué yet elegant archaic tattoo with a strong quote seems perfect.

Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo)

The Earth signs are the poster children for practicality. Yet despite their cautionary attitude, they cannot help but indulge into the white lies of the material world. Contrary to their passionate nature, Taurians are likely to get a simple blank ink tattoo of their adorned bull or something floral and kind. True to their elegant and mystic nature, Capricorns are drawn towards a symmetrical, gradient imagery of the sea goat. Modest is an understatement when addressing Virgos who often underplay their creative freedom in terms of quantity but never compromise for quality. Best suited tattoos for them would be small spirit animals or colourful constellations.

Apart from a direct and conspicuous symbol, you can also go for other indirect imagery that suit your style such as your zodiac’s ruling planet, representative constellation or flower. The Mercury rising is a good trend for fiery Aries or a melancholic Rose for the Taurus.


In the Fourth Vedic Scripture of Hinduism, the Atharvaveda, a list of 28 stars is given which are used as celestial markers for the events that occur throughout the 28 phases or mansions of the Moon. Here are a few innovative tattoo ideas based on our indigenous astrological signs:


The Goddess of Agni is personified as the nurse of Lord Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva. As the cusp of Taurus and Gemini, a tattoo of a gentle Goddess or a nomadic healer would truly justify the personalities of people born under this sign.


The Storm God, also known as Rudra is said to be another personification of Lord Shiva. While this form of the deity is represented by a teardrop or a diamond, the name Ardra literally translates to green, which is the colour for prosperity. A religious imagery of a teardrop or jewels suits the individuals born under this star. Anyone who prays to Lord Shiva can take this as a sign to pay ode to their beloved saviour in the form of a sincere tattoo.


Ironically, the Indian counterpart for Western zodiac sign for Leo is the Sarpa or the Naga. With the cunning of a Naga and the stout will of a Leo, individuals born under this sign can get an abstract tattoo of a crown or an eagle, which symbolize leadership.

To explore more about the meaningful and unique zodiac tattoos you can get solo or with your birthday twin or a soulmate, visit us at the Ink Boy Tattoo Studio. Here, you can get consultations with the best tattoo artists in Delhi about your own personal tattoo journey. So the next time you set out to follow your stars make sure you’ve got a piece of your fate tattooed right next to your heart.

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