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Permanent Tattoo Artist In Delhi

Getting a tattoo done is like finding the perfect partner you’re going to be with for the rest of your life. Now, you do not want to hide them just because you feel badly about them, right? It is the same in the case of tattoos! When going to get a tattoo, you want to have one that looks perfect and is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. Of course if you get it done from not a very good artist, you are going to want to hide it.

To prevent such situations, we, at The Ink Boy Tattoo Studio, have come up with a way for you to check thoroughly about your artist before you get your tattoo done.

  • We provide you with a portfolio with all of the artist’s work
  • There’s obviously all the reviews that you can check online on Google and JustDial
  • We also provide a one-on-one session with the artist so that if you have any doubts, the artist can clear them up for you
  • Before doing the tattoo, the artist will help you with the stencil as many times as you want
  • The whole process is explained to the client by the artist as well as the consultant before getting the tattoo done
  • Aftercare is also explained prior to the tattoo and even after it is done

Free Consultation From Experts!

And not just that, if there is a tattoo already done and you want to get it changed, we provide free consultation for that. Those are usually called cover-up tattoos that people get in the situation we explained above, so we suggest you choose your artist wisely before getting a tattoo done. It’s better if your artist makes you feel comfortable and has a sense of confidence in them, a good artist will never make you regret your decision. Although, there are situations where it’s not a tattoo coverup but a scar cover up but worry not, we provide free consultation for that as well. Consultation can be given over call and/or in person too. Though we suggest you always get it when you’re there physically, it’s more precise that way and you may also be able to get a discount 😉

Now the question is, what’s a man gotta do to find a permanent tattoo artist? Yes, it was a song reference!!

Anyway, we have that covered for you too! The artist that you initially might have gotten a tattoo done from knows the best about your condition, medical history and what not. So, it is only safer if you go to the same artist for your next tattoo too, right? Given that they did a good job the last time haha. For that, you’ll need to choose a Studio or an artist that stays in one place or can be easily located/contacted. The Ink Boy Studio completed it’s 2 year anniversary last month and is ready to complete it’s 20th here as well, if not a bigger place 😉 We have our contact information on our website as well as our Instagram and Facebook page, too.

Safety and Satisfaction

Here, at The Ink Boy Tattoo Studio, we make sure our client’s safely, satisfaction and comfort is put forth as a priority. From the environment to the equipment, everything is hand picked! All the artists are fully trained and have an experience of minimum two years and maximum 10 years. It’s safe to say we’re all friendly, too. Haha! Visit the studio and we won’t disappoint you!!

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