Why do people get piercings?

Along with precise tattoos, The Ink Boy studios also does hygienic and beautiful piercings.

Body piercing is a tradition that dates back thousands of years, found across various cultures and communities around the world. They can be seen as form of self-expression, and the reasons for getting piercings are as unique as the people who get them!

Well, let us tell you some reasons behind people getting themselves pierced!

In some traditions and cultures, particular parts of the body are pierced to mark allegiance/loyalty or they just simply denote that a person belongs to that particular community. These traditional piercings are at the root of the modern primitive and tribal movements which use piercings in the same style.

Pop-Culture! We are all aware how much impact popular culture has on all of us. It has had an incredible impact on the culture of body modification. Musicians, models, actors etc have all glorified and in many ways normalized the art of body piercing. Be it navel, labret or cartilage piercing, the popularity of it has risen dramatically among young adults.

Aesthetics. Piercings look so damn cool on everyone! Over the years what looks good has evolved but something has stayed constant throughout decades, piercings! People have differed on where it does and does not look good but people have been getting it done for years. Not only that, piercings also enhance the way we want to present our personalities, hence contributing to our individual aesthetics.

Fetishes. Often considered to be the dark side of piercing, fetishes and sexual gratification are the reason behind many body piercings, even seemingly innocent ones. Obvious choices for permanent fetish piercings include genital and nipple piercings, which are used to enhance sensation in the erogenous zones or as a part of fetish play.

Marking of  a significant event. A piercing can be used to mark an occasion in much the same way some people use tattoos as a commemorative modification. 

Some things to keep in mind before jumping in for a piercing: No matter what your reason for getting a piercing is, you need to remember that it is a personal decision for you to make.

You need to make sure that you get it from a place that does it safely, as the process if done with lack or care and sanitation, can lead to severe infections.

At The Ink Boy Studio we ensure that you not only get a stunning piercing but also take care that it is done with expertise.

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